You want to find out how to vote for a game?

OK the easy thing to do is send me an email at  with the name of the game you want to play.

If its something which is a board game then I will most likely add it to the list of games to be played. If you are someone who turns up regularly and hasn’t asked for anything recently then the odds are that you will find it scheduled pretty quickly (maybe next month?)

There are certain exceptions to this

Games which are played a lot (eg 18XX) or have been played recently or which have been scheduled a few times and not found enough people to play will tend to get at least questioned. Games, which take more than 8 hours, probably, are not doable. Evil Miniaturist Ploys will be resisted.

You can also vote for games which are already on the list – in general a couple of votes is all that is required to push a game to the top of the list (unless its cosmic encounters which unfortunately, due to reasons too complex to go into here, requires n+1 votes (where n is the number of people on earth at the particular time that voting closes).

 Bribes, threats and other blandishments will have an effect.

You can see what games currently have votes, and may come up in the rotation soon. If you have any games you'd like to see added to the schedule or to vote on the ones already there, email them to .