Meetings Every  Saturday of Each Month at Great Hall Games
(5501 NORTH LAMAR ,look for the UHAUL sign.)

Games Start at Noon



Our new web information is moved to a yahoo group Austin board gamers – here is a useful link which will take you here

austinboardgamers : Austin Board Gamers

Although this web site is a little out of date its still representative and the contact & schedule information is still correct.

We're looking for good games to play and people to play them with us. We meet four times a month and have a game planned for each meeting, but any boardgame is welcome. Please contact Mark Fullerton ( for more info, and make sure to request to be on our mailing list!. Be sure to take a look at our current schedule.

A sample of the games we play:

Rise and Fall

Empire Builder/xxxx Rails

1830/1856/1870 and more

Settlers of Catan

Lots of German games

Advanced Civilization



Age of Renaissance

Feel free to bring any boardgame to our meetings!
The scheduled game is frequently not the only game played.

You can see what games currently have votes, and may come up in the rotation soon. If you have any games you'd like to see added to the schedule or to vote on the ones already there, email them to .